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Google integrates AI grammar checker into Docs

Google is all set to unleash its new advanced AI-based tool at Google Docs to ensure users come up with nothing short of impeccable English each time they write. Strange it might seem, but Google Docs lacked an integrated grammar checking tool so far though the company seems to have more than made up for the same with an AI-based solution this time.

Also, it would be unlike the usual stuff that picks up spelling mistakes or simple grammatical errors. Instead, Google is claiming its new grammar check feature would be able to single out even complex grammatical mistakes and suggest appropriate solutions accordingly. For instance, the feature would be adept at picking up articles such as an ‘a’ or ‘an’ placed at the wrong place to the more complex types such as improper use of the subordinate clause.

The company meanwhile stated the technology that powers its translation feature is also the one that would be detecting grammar errors at Google Docs. What that means is that the machine language program would be taking things from the same perspective as say translating a text from one language to another. That way, the feature would simply be translating a given text to the one that has its grammar right. And Google does take pride in its language translation prowess, something that it does have a long history of being associate with.

That said, the feature is being made available to only the business users as of now though the company did mention common users too will get to use the same soon enough. Just how soon, that’s anybody’s guess at the moment. The feature is currently available via the Google Early Adopter Program. The company announced the new grammar checking feature at the Google Cloud Next conference where it also announced updates for its automated reply feature available to Gmail users.

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Further, the Smart Reply is getting introduced to Hangout Chat as well. The working of the Smart Reply feature will, however, be the same on Hangout Chat, that of making smart suggestions to reply to incoming messages. As in Gmail, there would be three short suggestions to choose from.