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Samsung introduces Galaxy Home and Galaxy Watch

Samsung has come up with a smart home speaker system which it has named Galaxy Home along with a new smartwatch named Galaxy Watch. Clearly, the intentions with the new devices are to chart a new course and is seen with as much respect as it does with its smartphone or other consumer electronics segment.

In that vein, the Galaxy Watch does look par for the course. Available in two size options of 42mm and 46mm, the new Galaxy Wear comes across as nice looking smartwatches that is also about substance in equal measure. Running the company’s own Tizen operating system, the new smartwatches has also been included in the Galaxy family to signal closer integration with the company’s Galaxy range of smartwatches.

A higher rated Galaxy Watch is also in the offing, one that will have LTE chip integrated within it and will have heart rate monitoring feature along with an app for breathing guidance. The Galaxy Watch range will also have sleep monitoring facility built into them.

The larger 46mm version has been priced $350 and will only be available in silver color option. The smaller 42mm model, in turn, will set one back 0 and will come in black and rose gold color options. Specific details are yet to be revealed though what is known as that the new Galaxy Gear smartwatches will have several days of battery life, something extremely crucial with personal wearable devices.

As for the new Galaxy Home, it’s one more smart speaker to enter a segment that already has the likes of Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomePod vying for consumer attention. However, unlike the others, the Galaxy Home somewhat resembles a pot sitting on a troika of a silvery stand. That sure is quite different than what we might have come to expect a smart speaker to look like though it looks refreshing as well.

No points for guessing the new Galaxy Home would be powered by Samsung’s own Bixby voice-controlled digital assistant. That makes adept at responding to human voice commands as it has been doing on Galaxy smartphones. Otherwise, the Galaxy Home would also be closely tied to the Spotify music streaming service.

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Pricing and availability of the new Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home devices are being kept under wraps at the moment.