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Apple invites for Sept. 12 Special Event at Steve Jobs Theater

The date has finally been set, it’s Sept. 12 that Apple has chosen to launch its new generation of iPhone devices. And invitations are already being sent out for the event which has been planned at the Steve Jobs Theatre at the Apple Space Centre campus in California.

Of course, the invitations is only seeking the recipient’s attendance to the event without revealing much else. That said, its open secret the event is all about the launch of new iPhone devices of which, there is going to be three this time round in three size configurations. Then there also are rumors of the company using the event to launch the Apple Watch Series 4 as well.

Meanwhile, there also are reports of Apple naming at least two of the iPhone devices as the iPhone XS which is being speculated as another way of naming them as 10S. Among the iPhone devices set to be launched include an entry-level iPhone with a 6.1-inch LCD screen along with two iPhone versions featuring OLED panels of dimensions 5.8- and 6.5-inch respectively.

Details are scant at the moment though what can perhaps be safe to assume is that the new iPhones will have further reduced bezels and will be powered by the new A12 processors. Also, all three models will feature the ‘notch’ design and edge-to-edge displays, which means the once ubiquitous Home button will be gone on even the affordable 6.1-inch iPhone version as well.

The rest of the features likely to be associated with the upcoming iPhone devices include a more refined Face ID feature and faster LTE. The two OLED models will feature dual rear cams while the LCD version will soldier on with a single lens rear camera.

All of the above will come for a price though, with the two 5.8- and 6.5-inch OLED iPhone devices likely to be priced around $800 and $1000 respectively. The 6.1-inch version with LCD panel will be the most affordable with the price likely to be in the vicinity of $700.

The event is also expected to yield the new fourth-gen Apple Watch. Here again, details are scant though experts opine the upcoming smartwatch will see an overall reduction in bezels to allow for a larger display. There might be an uptick in the battery life as well along with better health monitoring abilities built in. New attractive watch bands too should be in the offing as well.


The event will get underway sharp at 10 in the morning on 12th September 2018.