Home Technology Samsung foldable phone due for launch this November

Samsung foldable phone due for launch this November

Samsung CEO DJ Koh has confirmed they are almost done with the ambitious new foldable phone it has been working on for some time now. A launch around November during the company’s developer’s conference too has been hinted though there is no word yet as to when it would be reaching customer’s end.

Koh also acknowledged it wasn’t easy getting the phone ready, terming it to be a complicated job though the good thing is that the company has almost concluded the thing. Unfortunately, the chief executive wasn’t too forthcoming when it comes to revealing details of the phone on offer but said it would offer an experience unlike anything else we have had with smartphones so far.

Koh also stated the phone will be much like any other smartphone in its folded state though users can always unfold the device should they need a bigger display. The CEO, however, stated while the device in its unfolded state reveals a bigger display which mimics a tablet in most respects, it would still offer an experience quite different from a tablet.

Key aspects of the device remain shrouded in mystery though. For instance, while the phone might remind one of the flip phones that were once popular among buyers, the upcoming foldable phone is expected to feature one continuous display that bends along the middle. The South Korean company had been experimenting with bendable displays for years now and have shown off various iterations of the same in different trade shows from time to time.

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Meanwhile, no matter how weird or alien the concept of a foldable phone might seem at the moment, it could well turn out to be the new normal in the smartphone segment. Companies like Lenovo, Motorola, and LG, to name a few are all known to have their own programs to develop foldable phones. Microsoft too were once reported to be working on a foldable Surface phone.