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How to get $525 off on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR

Apple has made it easier for those eager to buy the new range of iPhone devices. That would be via the Apple GiveBack online trade-in process wherein owners of older generation iPhones will be able to trade-in their devices to buy the new iPhone devices.

As per the regulations laid down for the process, owners of iPhone X are eligible for a maximum of $525 for trade-in while the iPhone 8 Plus can fetch discounts worth $400. Similarly, the base iPhone 8 can bring in $350 though all prices above take into account an ideal state of the device. Any deviation from that will be bringing down the trade-in price, which means scratches or cracked displays will have a negative bearing on the trade-in price.

Apple, on its part, will either refurbish the old iPhones and put them on sale again or use them as a parts bin for manufacturing new iPhones. This, Apple said will help them in their green mission wherein their reliance on mother earth will be reduced to just the minimum for manufacturing new iPhone, or for that matter, any Apple devices. This will also help reduce the manufacturing cost of new iPhones, at least on paper though as the retrieved parts will need to be transported to the manufacturing center which again is mostly located in China.

Apple also revealed during the iPhone launch event their reliance on recycling older iPhone will only grow in the days to come. To further add impetus to such designs, the company also unveiled a robot named Daisy that would disassemble older iPhones. The parts thus retrieved will then go into the making of new iPhones.

To avail of the GiveBack program, users can mail their devices to Apple or take them personally to a certified Apple Store. If the devices are deemed fit for any tier of the GiveBack program, the requisite amount is then refunded to the user. That again is in the form of an Apple Store Gift though users can also ask for a refund of the same amount against the purchase of a new iPhone. If the device does not qualify for a refund, the same is then recycled for free, thus saving the planet from unwanted digital junk that can take decades to disintegrate, often polluting the environment in the process.

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The GiveBack program applies to all Apple products, which include iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Macs. In fact, this applies to even products from other manufacturers as well, which makes the Apple effort truly commendable to save mother earth.