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OnePlus to launch its first smart TV in 2019

Having established a strong foothold in the smartphone segment, OnePlus has now set its sights on the TV segment, which the company said is the next frontier they would like to conquer. The revelation to this effect comes from none other than the CEO Pete Lau who has confirmed the above in a company blog post.

Lau has also revealed the first OnePlus branded smart TV would be reaching markets in 2019, which means they are already on the job. Unfortunately, no other details are forthcoming at the moment, which leaves a lot of our queries unanswered on this. That includes the display technology they would be using and so on. That again is crucial considering that 4K TVs are fast becoming mainstream and the 8K display has emerged as the new benchmark.

However, Lau seemed more concerned offering a smart viewing experience at the moment than anything else.

And much of that has to do with software wizardry that the company seems keen to achieve.

That includes new levels of integration with the smartphone so as to offer a more unified viewing experience than ever before. Also, given its heavy reliance on Android, the smart TV should also be based on the same platform.

For instance, any media stored on the phone should easily be accessible on the smart TV as well, something that Lau lamented isn’t the case with the present TVs currently available in the market.

So that surely is one area where the forthcoming OnePlus branded TVs are going to innovate upon. Then there also is AI that Lau said has opened up infinite possibilities for the company to explore.

Lau, however, has also warned they shouldn’t be expected to offer a really polished experience right from the start. Rather, it could be a few years before they come up with something truly exceptional. Company loyalists, however, shouldn’t be surprised with such a trend given that the Chinese start-up has already followed a similar learning trajectory with its smartphone endeavor.

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What is also evident is that the company would is keen to focus on the software side of it more than anything else. That said, OnePlus is also known to offer the most cutting-edge specs on its devices and the same should is also expected with its smart TV venture as well.