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OnePlus 6T Rumored Specs, Price, and Release date

OnePlus has confirmed they are into developing a OnePlus 6T variant at the moment and rumor mills have gone overboard with their predictions as what the new phone might look and feel like. As usual, there are no dearth of info swirling around the web each claiming to offer the most accurate depiction of the upcoming device.

For instance, there are those who claim the OnePlus 6T will feature a water drop notch at the top accommodating only the earpiece, selfie cam along with the usual sensors.

However, there are some who believe the Oneplus 6T will have a pop-up selfie cam much like that on the Oppo Find X. Either way, the idea is to reduce the top bezel to just the bare minimum, which is more achievable if the company adopts a pop-up selfie cam design feature.

Meanwhile, the Chinese company has confirmed the OnePlus 6T will come with an under-screen fingerprint scanner, making it the first mainstream smartphone to go on sale in the US with the said feature. The company though hasn’t revealed which parts maker it is sourcing the in-screen fingerprint technology from. Qualcomm has already demoed such a feature, and Samsung is touted to include the company’s third-gen tech in the S10 device.

Coming back to OnePlus, the company also stated they intended to include the under-screen fingerprint scanning tech in OnePlus 5T itself. However, it refrained from doing so claiming the technology wasn’t mature enough then to offer the sort of experience OnePlus is known for. On the 6T, OnePlus is referring to the feature simply as Screen Unlock which it said will reduce the number of steps needed to unlock the phone.

That apart, the 6T is also predicted to come with a triple lens rear camera. That would make it one more than the OnePlus 6 that comes with a dual-lens camera at the rear. The OnePlus 6 also came in for some flak with a below par camera performance and let’s hope an additional lens will sort things out to offer superior images this time.

A rear glass build is also being speculated to allow for wireless charging, a key feature that is lacking on the OnePlus 6. The choice of processor too is something that would be keenly watched given that the current gen OnePlus makes do with the Snapdragon 845 chipset.

The same might also be rendering service on the 6T, coupled with the Adreno 630 GPU along with 6 GB and 8 GB RAM configuration.

Apple iPhone XC will be the entry-level phone priced at $699

A release date some time in October is also be projected, with price in the vicinity of $650.

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