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Tor announces secure Tor browser for Android devices

Tor has announced that its browser will be available by the same name on Android. However, there still isn’t anything for users to be too excited about given that the Tor browser released for Android is still in its Alpha stages. That means there still is quite some testing to be performed before the browser becomes ready for use.

For those not in the knowing, the Tor browser is famous for upholding user’s privacy like none other. People can browse the web anonymously without any fear of their activities being monitored or them being tracked. Cookies too get cleared automatically the moment users are finished browsing a site while those out to monitor someone’s online activities will only get to know a Tor browser is being used.

Other features of the Tor browser that had made it so much sought after by the privacy freaks include its ability to even open those sites that might have been blocked by the ISP. That is not all as the user’s data is encrypted thrice in the Tor server thereby making it more safe for users to browse freely.

Tor also stated some or all of these security features would also be available for the mobile version of the browser when ready. However, for now, users eager to try out the browser on their mobile devices will be required to download and install a proxy app, Orbot . The function of Orbot is to connect the browser to the Tor network till the time the browser is still in alpha stages. Once the browser is ready for deployment, the Orbot will become redundant so that users will only have to install the browser on their devices and nothing else.

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Meanwhile, the need to have a Tor-like browser on our mobile devices is perhaps even more imperative given that the majority of our browsing takes places via mobile devices. That includes quite a bit of data exchange going on in an unsecured manner that can be taken care of once Tor becomes available. As for when that happens, its anybody’s guess at the moment. Though for those eager to try out the browser on their Android devices, they can go ahead and download the browser from the Google Play Store.