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Apple iPhone XS and XS Max suffer ChargeGate, says Forums

Several iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners have said they are facing charging issues with their brand new phones. As has been revealed, the problem has to do with the specific iPhone XS and XS Max devices simply refusing to charge.

Also, as it usually is, there are specific conditions when the issue becomes evident. For instance, the iPhone models have been found to have the charging issue when they are in sleep mode and when the display is turned off. Further, it is only when the particular devices are plugged into a wall charger that they have the issue though charging is normal when placed on a wireless charging pad.

Apple meanwhile hasn’t reacted to the developments so far, which is another factor that is adding to the worries of the troubled iPhone owners. What also isn’t a surety is that if this is a hardware issue or if it is of software origin. Also, it is only a subset of iPhone XS owners that are facing the problem has led many to believe it could be a specific batch that might be defective.

However, the fact that charging generally resumes after the iPhone XS and XS Max models have been woken up from sleep can also be an indication of this being a software issue after all. That some iPad and older iPhone owners too have complained of the same issue is also another indication of this being a shortcoming related to the software.

A security feature introduced prior to iOS 12 that prevents the device from being connected to a PC is also being seen by some as a possible reason for the iPhone XS and XS Max device to malfunction when charging. However, the said feature is designed to prevent the iOS devices to connect to external devices if the iPhone or iPad has not been unlocked. Some believe the same feature might also be hampering the connection of the iPhone XS and XS Max units when connected to a wall charger as well even though that shouldn’t be the case.

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Also, if that indeed is the reason, a resolution should be simple since a software update is all that would be needed to set things right. A formal reaction from Apple is awaited on the matter.