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Google Pixel 3 camera features and color options revealed in a new leak

The new Pixel 3 is slated for launch today at an event in New York though that isn’t deterring the tech sleuths from unraveling key aspects of the device. And the latest that we have here are some of the special AI assisted camera features along with the color options that the phone is going to be available in.

As per what is known so far, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will have a new Top Shot feature that essentially shoots several photos both before and after the shutter is actually pressed with only the best shot taken that gets accepted. Similarly, there is the Photobooth feature where AI backed software comes into play to choose the photos that it considers to be the best and most appropriate.

Then there is the super-res zoom as well which too is backed by suitable AI software and essentially helps in capturing high-resolution images even at the highest zoom setting. Further, there is going to be built-in software as well that would allow for automatic tracking of the subjects, thus saving the user from having to do that manually.

As for the choice of colors, the new Pixel 3 range is believed to be available in the usual white and black color options though there is going to be a new shade that Google prefers to call as the pink sand. The rest of the info about the upcoming Google phones have already been leaked in fairly accurate details, which includes the internal build as well as the design that famously – or infamously – will include the notch at the top and a thin chin at the bottom.

Meanwhile, Google is also touted to launch a new tablet during the same event. Named Pixel Slate, the tablet will make for a renewed attempt on the part of the Mountain View company to stamp its authority in a segment it has had almost zero presence so far. The move is also reminiscent of rival Apple that has a flourishing smartphone and tablet line-up. No doubt Google is keen to replicate the same.

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Leaked images of the Pixel Slate also depict a stand that doubles up as a keyboard as well. No points for guessing the tablet will aims for the productivity segment that right now is dominated by the Microsoft Surface series and is trailed by the Apple iPad Pro range. The Pixel Slate is shaping out to be the newest contender in this segment.