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Sony confirms PlayStation 5 is on the drawing boards

Sony has confirmed what many have been suspicious of for some time, that the next generation PlayStation 5 console is already in the works. Unfortunately, while the above confirmation comes from none other than Kenichiro Yoshida, the president, and CEO at Sony, there is hardly anything else that we know of the PS4 successor at the moment.

Industry watchers though believe the upcoming console won’t be anything too revolutionary. Rather, it would be sort of an evolution over the current gen device while still having enough grunt to convince users to upgrade to the new console. With that being the case, it would perhaps be safe to presume the PS5 will have backward compatibility with most existing games if not all.

The expected release schedule too is as much shrouded in mystery with no firm confirmation available on this. However, there are those who have made a calculated guess and predicted the PS5 could be forthcoming not before 2021. This has been assumed on the basis of an earlier statement made by the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, John Kodera who claimed they need the ‘next three years to prepare the next step’.

Sony will surely hope the PlayStation 4 Pro would hold the fort till then, which however shouldn’t be too tall an ask given the stupendous success the PS4 has met with so far. Launched in November 2013, the PS4 has gone for more than 81 million sales worldwide so far. That makes for a significant number considering that the PS4 has already emerged as the second best selling console ever, bested by only the PS2 that had gone for 155 million-plus sales in is a lifetime.

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The PS4 has also been consistently outselling the Xbox One ever since the latter was launched. Of course, Microsoft did try its best to outsell the PS4 and launched different versions towards that. Those include the likes of the Xbox One S or the more recent Xbox One X though PS4 or its subsequent variations continues to rule the roost.

All of that makes ones wonder what the PS5 will be like and whether it will be able to continue with the good showing PS4 has been capable of.