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Apple updates MacBook Air and Mac mini after a long time

The MacBook Air has finally arrived in a new avatar, something that has been long overdue. And with the new design overhaul, the new MacBook Air comes with several new features that no doubt can make people fall in love with the Mac all over again.

Apart from the 13.3-inch retina display, the MacBook Air also includes Touch ID this time to allow for better security. The sensor for the same is placed on the keyboard and is compatible with Apple Pay as well. That means users can make purchases and authenticate the payments via Apple Pay using their fingerprint itself.

That apart, Apple also said the keyboard and trackpad too have undergone a makeover. Similarly, the new MacBook Air has better audio capabilities; something brought about by upgraded microphones and speaker systems. The new MacBook Air is lighter, with Apple claiming a 17 percent overall reduction in volume by incorporating a better design approach.

Apple also reiterated its commitment to the environment by making the MacBook Air more environment friendly than ever before. Apple said the new Mac is built entirely out of recycled aluminum. That apart, the other notable aspect with the new MacBook Air is that it has its storage doubled to 16 GB.


Apart from the MacBook Air, the Mac mini too had its share of updates. This again was long awaited considering that the last time the mini Mac went for an upgrade was four years ago. It comes with a massive 64 GB RAM for the top of the line model which Apple said will be at least five times faster than the previous gen Mac mini was capable of. Also, much like the MacBook Air, the Mac mini too is built completely out of recycled aluminum.

As for the cost, the MacBook Air starts at $1199 while the Mac mini will set on back $799. Both the computers can be pre-ordered right away with deliveries set to begin Nov. 7.