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Apple first 5G iPhone expected only in 2020 with Intel chips

Apple is all set to launch its 5G iPhones though only in 2020. Also, from what is known at the moment, it’s Intel 8061 chips that would go into the making of the first 5G capable iPhones.

Of course, Apple isn’t confirming any of this though sources privy to the development within the company have reportedly claimed Apple is currently using Intel 8060 chips for testing purposes. However, Apple is known to have some reservations with the chip in its present configuration, such as poor heat dissipation and such. And too much of heat can also adversely affect battery life as well, besides making the smartphone uncomfortably hot to use.

Intel, on its part, does not seem to be too perturbed with the development and has said they are fully committed to their ‘plans and project’ so far as 5G technology is concerned. Also, with 8060 being only a prototype version, the 8061 chips are expected to offer a more polished user experience, with less heat generated while still offering superior performance.

However, that hasn’t stopped the Cupertino giant from turning to MediaTek as well for its 5G chip requirements.

That said, such attempts are only being seen as a fall-back plan with MediaTek coming into the picture only if Intel fails to make the cut. Also, with such being the development so far, what seems a surety is that Qualcomm does not stand any chance to make a comeback as Apple’s sole modem chip supplier, for now at least.

Meanwhile, Apple isn’t likely to be relying on Intel’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips for the 5G equipped iPhones. That is because if Intel 5G modem’s make the cut, then Apple would likely be the primary consumer of the same. As things stand right now, Intel already happens to be the primary supplier of the 4G modems used in the current gen iPhones.

Also, Apple’s plans to launch its first 5G iPhones in 2020 isn’t likely to hurt much given that there won’t likely be much 5G coverage in between. The world might have only started to have stabilized around 4G networks, and it could be sometime before 5G reaches the state as 4G is right now so far as coverage is concerned.

That, however, hasn’t stopped the companies from announcing their 5G licensing fees, with Nokia asking a flat 3 Euro charge for each device that uses its 5G related patents. Ericsson too have stated they are going to charge a fee that would range between $2.5 and $5 depending on the cost of the device. As for Qualcomm, the chip maker has said its fee is going to range from $2.275 and $3.25 for single mode and multi-mode phones respectively, with the total fee capped at per device.