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Samsung teases foldable phone before Developer Conference

The age of the foldable phones seems to be finally here what with Samsung teasing a foldable device on its Facebook homepage for mobiles. The company logo is seen folded in half which is a clear indication of the impending arrival of the foldable phone of which we have had countless rumors so far.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, details of the said device are scant at the moment. The only bit of info that we have right now is that the foldable phone will come with a 4.6-inch OLED display. However, when opened, the device will also reveal another 7.3-inch OLED display and will serve as a tablet in this mode.

The foldable phone will also be running Android but will have a special user interface to allow for the dual mode of functioning, both as a phone and a tablet in its folded and unfolded state respectively. Google is also believed to be contributing to the development of the new user interface which might even go on to become a specific variant of Android if the foldable phone thing becomes a hit.

Meanwhile, Samsung already has its developer conference – SDC 2018 – scheduled at the end of this week. That together with the timing of the launch of the new style of a logo as shown on the company’s Facebook and Twitter page is perhaps a clear indication of what to expect during the event. In any case, Samsung has already been scheduled to launch such a device during this time of the year.

However, the actual availability of the foldable phone isn’t expected before early 2018. The head of the company’s mobile division, DJ Koh has also stated the foldable phone will be of flagship status and will be launched on a global scale. This should perhaps start another flagship line from the company apart from the ‘S’ and Note series of smartphones that we already have.

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Samsung usually launches the ‘S’ series of flagship during spring followed by the Note series during the fall season. With the new foldable phone in the fray, the company might push back the S10 to a summer launch to allow for the launch of the foldable phone early in the year. The Note 10 may continue its usual fall launch schedule, this unless the company kills any of these models to ensure better exposure to the foldable phone.