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Honor V20 is the new DSLR of a smartphone

Honor V20 is all set to break cover in China, with Dec. 26 set as the date for the official launch of the smartphone in Beijing. Also, the reason the V20 has aroused so much of excitement is that it comes with several new features, with a peek hole camera along the top left edge being one.

No points for guessing the hole serves as the window for the selfie cam to see the world outside. The hole itself has the specialty of being the smallest around, measuring just 4.5mm in diameter compared to the 6mm hole as present on the Samsung device showcased earlier.

The company is otherwise referring to what is being termed as the All-View Display. That, of course, refers to the display stretching all the way to the top with the peephole replacing the notch design feature. The display also stretches way south save for a slim chin at the bottom.

Another unique feature of the V20 is its incorporation of a 48mp camera which also happens to be the largest ever to be included in a smartphone. The inclusion of Sony’s IMX586 CMOS sensor is also expected to boost the imaging ability of the V20, more so in dark or semi-dark conditions. Aiding in that is Huawei’s own Light Fusion tech which essentially serves to combine multiple images taken in a rapid burst while selecting the best of the lot.

All of this should allow the phone to come up with pretty solid images in a wider spectrum of lighting conditions. In fact, all of this should enable the device to live up to its V 20 branding which stands for View 20. Powering the phone is the company’s own Kirin 980 chipset which features in other Huawei high-end devices such as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Honor Magic 2.

That is not all as the new V20 will also come with what the company prefers to call as the Link Turbo tech. That, in turn, refers to the phone’s ability to download both on Wi-Fi as well as a 4G LTE network. The system relies on AI to determine the highest speed offered by the network and choose the same for maximum throughput.

The V20 is all set for a Dec 26 debut in China followed by a European launch on Jan. 22.