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Samsung wearable app update reveals wearables line-up the company is set to launch soon

Samsung might just have provided us a glimpse of its future wearable devices line up via an update to its wearables app; and experts are of the view the wearables will likely be launched alongside the Galaxy S10 due just next week. Among the devise that can be seen in the updated app include wireless earbuds, a new smartwatch as well as a fitness band.

Of these, the earbuds have already been known and are pegged to launch along with the S10. Named Galaxy Buds, the earbuds can be considered as the S10 phone’s companion device and can also be charged wirelessly via the smartphone itself. Those are tiny devices built along the lines of Apple’s AirPods but sans the elongated rear end that protrude out of the ear. Those come with a case of their own and placing the same on the rear of the S10 will be enough for those to get recharged.

The Galaxy Watch Active will be the smartwatch to look out for from Samsung and can be considered to be the successor to the Gear Sport. The 40mm smartwatch continues with the fitness-oriented approach as the Gear Sport and is going to be available in two color options. Nothing much else of the smartwatch is known though, which includes its capabilities or the sensor package it will come with.

Then there also is the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e fitness bands that too are in the offing. No wonder those will come packed with fitness-oriented sensors though again, it is not known what specific features that those will have on offer or how the ‘e’ branded model is going to differ from the other model. In any case, a nice guess can be that the Fit E would be the more advanced version compared to the base Fit model.

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As for the launch, it’s likely to be on Feb. 20 when the flagship Galaxy S10 is set to be officially announced.