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Apple confirms March 25 event, likely to announce TV and News streaming service

Apple has now confirmed what was being rumoured all along, that there indeed is an event on March 25th. The official invites are also being sent out though but not surprisingly, it’s cryptic at best when it comes to revealing what the event is all about in the first place.

That said, there again is enough for the speculators to make perhaps safe guesses. For instance, the tag line used in the invite – It’s show time – together with the countdown GIF again is an indication of the event being media related. That means Apple might use the event to formally announce its TV streaming and news subscription service. Both of these were being speculated for some time already, and it’s likely the official announcement to this effect comes on 25th itself.

That apart, Apple has also been hosting an event in spring which often led to the launch of new devices. That includes new iPad devices and such and a repeat of the same can’t be ruled out entirely for the forthcoming event. Fuelling that speculation are rumours of Apple keen to launch a new cheaper iPad model that would serve as the entry-level device.

Among the other hardware stuff, Apple is expected to launch include new revamped AirPods as well as the Air Power charging mat. Apple has already announced the new Air Power which would serve as a wireless charging unit were users just need to place their Apple hardware for those to get charged. The obvious benefit here is that users would be spared to charge each device individually. Instead, they just need to place those devices such as the Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPod and they would get charged automatically.


As for Apple TV, the company has been working on this for some time now and is also known to have struck a few deals with content creators and artists to create original shows and events. Similarly, the long-rumoured Apple News service too is believed to come with a Netflix style plan where users will get to read unlimited news and magazine at affordable rates.