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Apple is recalling 2018 MacBook Air to replace the faulty main logic board

Apple is offering to replace the logic boards of 2018 MacBook Air devices completely free of cost to cover an undisclosed issue with the laptops. The scheme applies to all 2018 MacBook Air devices and will remain valid for four years from the date of purchase.

Apple, however, said the offer won’t apply to any other damages that the MacBook Air device might have sustained, particularly if any such damage is preventing the replacement of the faulty main logic board. In such a scenario, the owner will have to pay for the repair of the damage before the support guys can proceed towards a replacement of the logic board.

Apple said they will be sending emails to owners if their MacBook Air laptops are eligible for the replacement program. The owners are requested to book an appointment at any Apple Store or an Apple Authorised Service Provider to get their laptops attended.

Interestingly, Apple is yet to make a public announcement of its decision to replace the logic boards of the affected MacBook Air devices. That again might have to do with the company’s reluctance to court any negative publicity that any device that is recalled to fix a fault has to suffer. Further, that it’s only a small number of MacBook Air devices that are affected could be another reason Apple is keen to maintain a low profile on the entire issue.

In fact, the company isn’t even disclosing what the likely symptoms are that is prompting them to go for the replacement in the first place. Its likely owners of even affected devices will never know how the devices will likely malfunction if the logic boards aren’t replaced on time.

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Meanwhile, this happens to be the third time that the MacBook is being recalled within the past five weeks to fix issues with the device. The other two applies to the 2015 model 15-inch MacBook Pro that has been recalled owing to battery issues and is getting its battery replaced. Similarly, the 2016 model year 13-inch MacBook Pro too has been recalled to fix issues with the display backlight.