Home Business Jonathan Ivy leaves Apple to form his own company LoveFrom

Jonathan Ivy leaves Apple to form his own company LoveFrom

Jonathan Ivy, the man who helped shape some of the most iconic products Apple has been coming up with over the years announced his retirement from the company. Ivy said his next venture would be to spend time in his own company which he has named LoveFrom.

Ivy also said his association with Apple would continue unhindered, with the Cupertino company set to be one of the primary clients of LoveFrom in the years to come. Clearly, designing is as much imbibed in Ivy as Apple has been, which is understandable considering his active involvement in several of the technological breakthroughs Apple has come up with so far. Those include the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Mac devices and so on.

It’s not only Apple devices that Ivy is known to have lent his design expertise on. For the ace, the designer is also credited to be behind the signature looks of the company’s new Apple Park campus that is fondly referred to as the spaceship within the company owing to its futuristic form and appearance.

Design apart, Ivy is also known to have played a crucial role in the way iOS 7 came along, which happens to be one of the biggest makeovers the company’s mobile platform has had at the time. Similarly, Ivy played an important role in the design and development of macOS as well at around the same time.

Apple meanwhile stated their design efforts in the post Ivy era will be led by the likes of Evans Hankey, Alan Dye and Jeff Williams. Evans happens to be the Vice President of industrial design while Alan is the Vice President of the human interface at Apple. Both will be working under Jeff Williams.

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Ivy said his close association with the trio of Jeff, Alan and Evan remains intact even after he is not part of Apple any more. Ivy also expressed confidence of the team being able to give shape to Apple’s dreams and aspirations in the days to come, with him contributing to the efforts as well in his new found role as the founder of LoveFrom.