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Google drops desserts as Android Q is now Android 10 officially

Google is on the verge of launching the next Android version, which is believed to be more exciting than ever. And the excitement starts right with the naming itself given that Google announced the end of using the names of mouth-watering desserts for identifying each iteration of Android. Instead, the upcoming version of Android will just be referred to as Android 10, which makes it seem it means business all of a sudden.

Apart from a change of name, the new Android also, of course, comes with a host of new features that are aimed both at user convenience and privacy. Mentioned here are some of the more important features that can make Android 10 a landmark version in the history of the operating system.

One of the most iconic themes that identified the Android platform is the presence of the three navigation buttons at the bottom of the display. With Android 10, those little signs are going to be history, with navigation controls taking over completely. Maybe the company hinted on that in Android Pie itself that too incorporates navigation control features though the navigation buttons still had a lifeline. None of that with Android 10 where one has no other options but to use only the gesture controls.

Another nice feature to be seen with Android 10 is Live caption which will enable those with hearing disabilities to translate what is being spoken in real-time. Google also emphasised the entire transcribing process would be carried out in the device itself, which means the feature won’t require an active internet connection for it to be operational.

The privacy aspect too is being overhauled in Android 10 where users will have greater control over what apps can access which features on your phone and so on. Users will also be served a more elaborate option list so far as app permissions are concerned, which includes the option to grant permission for only the time being, for all times or not at all.

Another aspect of Android that was almost sure to be included in the next version of the OS is its support for phones with foldable displays. This isn’t too surprising either given that foldable phones are all set to be the biggest trend to be seen in the smartphone segment with nearly all big-name manufacturers already announcing foldable phone plans. The same applies to the app as well where developers will have the option to make their applications scale better to make the most of the available screen real estate.

The share menu too is set for an overhaul so that the same on Android 10 will allow for faster sharing, something that has been a bane on all Android phones so far. And among the changes introduced here includes the introduction of a new ‘Sharing Shortcut’ option where developers will be able to offer a new option so that users get to share something specific like an image or a file to another app much faster than before.

These apart, the new Android 10 also includes some new customization features such as the dark theme. This again is going to be implemented across the entire system though users will have the option to toggle it on or off via a single button. The same is being extended to the developers as well where a suitable API will enable them to include the option of implementing the dark mode in their app as well.

Another cool feature to look forward to in Android 10 is the option to change the accent color that again would apply to the entire UI. There is a wide choice of colors as well, which includes Black, Green, Purple, Cinnamon, Ocean, Space and Orchid, on top of the default Blue theme of

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And if all of the above seem too enticing, which it sure does, the new update is all set to be a reality pretty soon. How soon, that’s a mystery though. Till then, the only way to sample Android 10 is to be part of the Android beta program which though is applicable to only a select few handsets only.