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OnePlus Pad Impresses in Durability Tests and Bend Test, Setting a New Standard for Android Tablets

The OnePlus Pad, OnePlus’ first-ever tablet offering, has recently undergone durability tests conducted by popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything. The results of these tests have showcased the OnePlus Pad’s impressive resilience, solidifying its position as one of the best Android tablets in the market and signaling a shift in OnePlus’ focus toward building durable devices across its product lineup.

In the durability test, the OnePlus Pad demonstrated remarkable performance. Its screen, similar in design to the Apple iPad, exhibited a Mohs hardness scale score of six for screen scratching, with deeper grooves at level seven, on par with its Apple counterpart. Moreover, the OnePlus Pad’s display proved capable of withstanding exposure to a naked flame for 10 seconds without permanent damage, as the pixels were restored over time. This behavior is expected from an IPS LCD panel. The device’s frame architecture, featuring metal finishing, contributes to its overall durability, while a small plastic section for wireless charging the accompanying Stylo does not compromise its structural integrity.

During the bend test, the OnePlus Pad showed resilience, bending slightly without any significant damage to the display. The frame did experience some permanent deformation when force was applied to the back, but the display remained intact and did not pop out. When bent from the side, the display did pop out slightly but remained fully functional. Notably, the OnePlus Pad surpassed some iPad versions in this bend test, highlighting its robust construction.

However, the OnePlus Stylo, the tablet’s stylus accessory, did not fare as well in the bend test, snapping in the middle. JerryRigEverything’s teardown revealed the internal components of the Stylo, including an 82mAh battery and copper pads for pressure sensing. The stylus features magnetic material that enables it to attach to the tablet’s body, and its tips can be easily replaced.

Overall, the OnePlus Pad exhibited impressive durability in JerryRigEverything’s tests, rivaling the performance of the Apple iPad. While the Stylo showed room for improvement in terms of durability, the OnePlus Pad itself proved to be a robust and reliable Android tablet.

In addition to its durability, the OnePlus Pad stands out in the Android tablet market for its sleek design and slim profile. It even surpasses the thickness of OnePlus’ own 10 Pro and 10T smartphones. Furthermore, the tablet’s repair-friendly nature, with the ability to be opened from the front panel, adds to its appeal.

The OnePlus Pad’s durability, coupled with its sustainability initiatives, makes it an enticing option in the resurging Android tablet space. With the inclusion of a 67W SuperVOOC charger in the box, OnePlus aims to deliver a comprehensive and environment friendly tablet experience. As the OnePlus Pad continues to impress with its robustness and performance, it sets a new standard for Android tablets and reaffirms OnePlus’ commitment to providing users with top-notch devices that can withstand the test of time.