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OnePlus reveal plans to launch foldable phones soon

OnePlus might have made a name for itself as the manufacturer of flagship quality phones but with affordable price tags. The company branched out for the first time into the tablet segment by launching the OnePlus Pad. That however isn’t where it intends to stop at the moment as the company also announced it would soon have another first to offer, a foldable phone series that is slated to arrive around the third quarter of this year.

Also, while there is not much that we know of the upcoming foldable phone from the Chinese manufacturer, analysts believe there could be two foldable models forthcoming from the company. Those again are likely to be named OnePlus V Fold and the OnePlus V Flip. As should be discernible from the name itself, the OnePlus V Fold would fold longitudinally to reveal a tablet form factor in its folded state. It is something that should be comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in look and feel.

The OnePlus V Flip, on the other hand, should be much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 as it will bend horizontally along the middle and flip open to reveal a somewhat longish display.

Both of the names have recently been trademarked by the Chinese Intellectual Property Administration or CNIPA. Or more specifically, the OnePlus V Fold and the OnePlus V Flip are expected to have a close resemblance with the Oppo Find N2 and the Find N2 Flip given the close relationship OnePlus has with Oppo.

In any case, all of this points to exciting times ahead what with the several foldable phones slated for launch in the months ahead. Oppo has stated both its Find N2 and Find N2 Flip foldable phones will see an international launch soon.

The same applies to foldable phones from Honor as well. Keep watching.