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How to claim your Spotify’s free Google Home Mini gift

Music apart here is one more reason to be part of the Spotify family. The music streaming site is now giving away a Google Home Mini smart speaker for premium subscribers completely free.

That happens to be the entry-level smart speaker that the search giant has on offer. And Spotify also isn’t offering the latest version of the speaker – Nest Mini – either. That still makes it a cool deal anyway given that it’s a very handy and capable smart speaker that is for the taking, one that’s worth $50.

However, there still are a few criteria that one must be adhering to before they can lay claim to the speaker. Main among those being that the speaker is only available to Spotify’s Premium subscribers, both new and old. However, those on free trials won’t qualify for the offer, neither are those who are currently subscribed to discounted Spotify Premium trial plan or the Premium Student plan.

Yet another group, the Spotify Premium Family Plan too seems to have been left out of the current promotion given that those have already received a free Google Home Mini last year. So those who might already be salivating at the prospect of snapping up a Google Home Mini completely free should be checking all the above boxes to be eligible for the offer. Further, the offer is also available only still stocks last.

So, for those who have made it thus far, here is what one will need to do to be the proud owner of a new Google Home Mini smart speaker.

  • One will have to start by visiting the official Spotify home page, scroll down to the section where the offer is displayed and clicking on the Learn more button.
  • On the page that gets displayed, the user will have to click on the appropriate button depending on whether they have a Premium Individual or Family account at the site.
  • Users are now just a button away from qualifying for the free offer. New users will have to Sign up while existing members will have to log in to claim their offer.
  • This should reserve a Google Home Mini speaker for the user, with an email confirming if the user indeed is the recipient as the offer is only valid till stocks are available.
  • Users will have to head over to the Google Store (link provided in the confirmatory email itself) and ‘buy’ the smart speaker, with a special discount code provided that will make the purchase completely free. That’s it.