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Google introduces Stadia Controller Claw to ease game playing

Google announced its Stadia Controller Claw is now available to buy, which sort of makes its cloud gaming service offering a bit more matured as gamers now have a stand that can hold their phones aloft during gameplay. It’s nothing more than a small plastic piece that clamps on to the Stadia controller at one end while having a placeholder where the phone can be attached to.

The stand also comes with enough cut-outs at the right places where the wires can be attached conveniently without making the whole thing too overbearing. For instance, there is a small cut-out at the rear from where the controller can be connected to the phone via a USB-C cable. Similarly, there is a gap at the front where the headphones can be slotted into the 3.5mm headphone jack. Maybe there is going to be a wireless version in the making, one that can do the connections over Bluetooth.

The ‘claw’, as it has been mentioned in the listing, also lives up to its naming as it can leave scratch marks on to the controller. That’s because it has been custom made specifically for the Stadia controller and does fit tightly onto the controller. The fitting perhaps is a bit too tight considering that it’s officially stated by Google in its listing that scratch marks on the controller can be a reality.

Of course, there are benefits to a snug fit considering that the entire arrangement comprising of both the phone on one end and the controller at the other will remain rock solid. However, it remains to be seen how users react to using a stand that the manufacturer has stated will leave marks on their controller. Also, with the phone held right on top of the controller, the switches remain invisible to the player.

Nonetheless, those still eager to opt for the Claw can place their orders at the Power Support site. It’s likely the availability status is shown as ‘available soon’ thought early buyers said orders can still be placed and some shipments are already on their way. Price mentioned is $14.99. Google too has the Stadia Controller Claw listed on its Store page though orders are currently not being accepted.

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In another interesting development, Google has now made it possible to play Stadia on any Chromecast Ultra. This greatly enhances the scope of Stadia as users can now play games on any device that the Chromecast Ultra is compatible with. Previously, playing Stadia on a TV was restricted to using only the Chromecast Ultra that came bundled with the Stadia.