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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ leaked along with all its specs, set to be priced $149

Samsung is all set to unveil its first flagship of the year – the Galaxy S20 and interestingly, the company has leaked the device on its website. The Galaxy Buds+ which is also expected to be launched during the same event too has its fair share of the limelight, having got leaked by its makers itself. This, together with the efforts of serial leaker Evan Blass has brought forth almost the complete picture about the upcoming wireless headphones from Samsung.

So, according to what got revealed, the new Buds+ can be expected to be a considerable upgrade over the Galaxy Buds that Samsung had launched last year. However, the new Buds+ would still be lacking on one crucial feature – noise cancellation technology. While experts opine noise cancellation tech is being kept reserved for a future more advanced earphone like Buds+ Pro, here is all that the latest Buds+ is expected to come with.

One of the biggest changes to expect with the new Buds+ is a huge improvement in battery life. That again has been brought about by the integration of a higher capacity battery – 85 mAh for the Buds itself, which makes for a jump from the 58 mAh on the predecessor.

Further, the case now will come with a 270 mAh battery which is an improvement over the 252 mAh battery that the case earlier held. Samsung is claiming nearly a two-fold increase in battery life, from the earlier 6 hours to 11 hours of playtime with the Buds. Similarly, for the case, battery life is going to improve to 22 hours from the earlier 13 hours. Charging time gets improved too, with an hour of playtime gained from just 3 mins of charging.

Then there are some new colour options available as well, which includes shades of blue and red. This will be on top of the black and white options that were already present while yellow and silver options will be shunted out.
Other changes with the Buds+ include its integration with Spotify along with support for both Android and iOS.

Previous Buds used to be compatible with only Android. There is going to be an outer mic too for better performance and will have 2-way dynamic speaker system comprising of a woofer and tweeter. The Buds+ are also going to have multi-device connectivity this time via Bluetooth 5.

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Lastly, there is going to be an improvement in the price too, with the Buds+ slated to cost $149.