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Samsung rumoured to offer Galaxy Buds+ to Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra buyers

Samsung could be offering its Galaxy Buds+ to buyers of the Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra handsets, so claims a promotional material that noted leakster Evan Blass could lay his hands on. And given his formidable reputation in being fairly accurate with his predictions, there is a high probability of this being indeed the case.

Also, with S20 not finding a mention in the promotional stuff, buyers of the base model seem to have been left out of the freebie scheme. Also, the offer is only expected to be an application to the early buyers only, given that the promotion reads – ‘Preorder now and get Galaxy Buds+ for free’.

What also needs to be kept in mind is that Samsung is yet to acknowledge the leak, which means it might be a rumour at best or a ploy to keep interested in the phone boiling. There still might be some last-minute adjustments now that the surprise factor is no more. Samsung is expected to launch the new S-series of its flagship phones on February 11. Fortunately, its just weeks left for us to get to the bottom of it all.

Also, experts opine the Galaxy Buds+ may not have active noise cancellation technology built into it. Rather, Samsung might have left that out for inclusion in the more advanced Galaxy Buds Pro that it intends to launch sometime later. This way Samsung will have two earbuds to offer at two different price segments.

In another related development, several renders of the S20 series phones have leaked donning the colours they would be wearing in their official avatars. Those include the Cloud Blue that all three models – S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra would be wearing.

Then there is the Cosmic Black and Cosmic Grey that would apply to only the S20 and S20+. The S20 is also going to be available in a pink hue, something that Samsung is calling as the Cloud Pink. While the S20 will serve as the entry-level flagship model and the S20+ making up the mid-tier, its the S20 Ultra that would be the most exciting model in the range.

And much of that has to do with the more advanced cameras setting that the Ultra boasts of. That includes fairly pronounced camera housing on the rear which again has two distinct sub-sections. While there is going to be two sensors, primary and ultra-wide-angle shooters each of 12 mp resolution, one of the biggest plus with the S20 Ultra is going to be its telephone lens with Space Zoom.

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It is going to be a sensor with 10X optical zoom capability though it will be backed by software capable of enhancing the same to 100X digital zoom. Besides, there is a ToF sensor too for accurate dept measurements all of which points to the Ultra being a true powerhouse of a camera phone.