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Samsung launches Galaxy Z Flip ad during Oscar’s event, special Thom Browne edition rumoured

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip unpacked event is just about a day away and the company is on hyperdrive to build up some hype with the phone. That should explain the launch of the ad for the upcoming foldable device during Oscar’s ceremony.

The ad also sheds some lights on several key aspects of the phone. For instance, we do know there is going to be a secondary display on the outside for showing the caller ID details of an incoming call. Users will have the option to receive or reject the call right there with the phone in the folded state. That makes sense as otherwise, users would have had to open the device each time there is a call.

However, it’s not known if a call can be made with the phone in a folded state, via voice commands that is, given that the number pad isn’t likely accessible in that state. Also not know if users will have the option to click a quick selfie in the folded state itself.


Coming back to the video, Samsung revealed some innovative use case scenarios with the phone, such as using the foldable display for video chats with the upper half of the display made to sit at a 90-degree angle. There sure are going to be other ways the foldable display can be put to good use though those aren’t demoed just yet. Also, in smaller words, it was mentioned that crease on the foldable screen is normal.

The possibilities can be limitless to make the most of the foldable display, such as shrinking the movie to one half of the display while using the other to do some quick research. In any case, the longish screen can be just perfect for entertainment, be it for gaming or watching movies.

The rest of the specs continues to be a mystery though, with experts claiming a Snapdragon 855+ heart at the core along with a 3300 mAh battery and twin primary cams. The phone is also touted to sport a $1400 price tag for the unlocked version. Samsung is believed to have already produced half a million of the Z Flip handsets, with sales slated to begin on Feb. 14 itself.

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In another related development, Samsung is reported to be working on a special edition version in collaboration with American fashion brand, Thom Browne. Such a phone is also expected to come at around $2500 though it is not known how Samsung is going to justify the premium price. Still, a gold plating on the sides seems to be a distinct possibility.