Home News Pixel phones receive exciting updates: Improved safety features and enhanced functionality

Pixel phones receive exciting updates: Improved safety features and enhanced functionality

Google has released a system update packed with new features for Pixel smartphones, delivering improved safety measures and enhanced functionality. One of the standout updates is the significant improvement to the car crash detection feature. In addition to contacting emergency services, it now automatically shares real-time location information with emergency contacts, ensuring swift assistance. Starting emergency sharing or scheduling a safety check has also become easier with the inclusion of voice controls.

The recording feature has received a major upgrade, allowing users to export transcripts directly into Google Docs and generate labels based on speakers, making it effortless to find specific clips later on. Another notable update is the refreshed photo timer, which enables users with Pixel 6 phones and newer models to initiate self-timed photos by simply raising their palms to trigger a countdown.

For Pixel 7 Pro owners, the macro focus feature has been extended to handle both still photography and video, allowing for detailed footage capturing the intricate movements of subjects such as a beetle climbing a flower. Google Assistant has received a makeover with an array of new voice options and expanded language support.

Notably, Pixel Watch owners have not been left behind, as they now have access to a range of new health-related features. These include a heart rate tool that tracks the upper and lower limits of your threshold, an auto-pause feature, and a long-awaited blood oxygen tracker.

In another announcement, Google revealed the upcoming Pixel feature drop for June 2023, which places a strong emphasis on personal safety. The Personal Safety app, which has been around for a while, has been refined to make it easier to trigger emergency actions using your voice. For instance, by simply asking Google Assistant to start a safety check for a specific duration, you can ensure your well-being when walking alone. The app will then prompt you for an update at the end of the designated time. If there’s no response, it will automatically notify your emergency contacts and provide them with your location information.

Furthermore, Google is expanding its car crash detection feature by introducing emergency sharing. In the event of an accident, the app will share real-time location and call status with emergency contacts while also alerting emergency services.

Exciting features don’t end there. Pixel owners can now create lively emoji wallpapers by combining over 4,000 emojis with various patterns and colors. Moreover, cinematic wallpapers have been introduced, enabling users to transform 2D photos into dynamic 3D images using AI technology.

The Pixel feature drop also includes improvements to other aspects of the phone, such as the smart home panel, which provides faster access to camera feeds and favorites directly from the Quick Settings panel. Additionally, Pixel phones will reduce vibration intensity when placed on a flat surface and utilize Google AI to enhance Adaptive Charging, ultimately improving battery health.

The updates are currently rolling out to eligible Pixel devices and will continue to be available over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for the update on your device and enjoy the enhanced safety features and expanded functionality offered by Google’s latest software release.