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Microsoft Outlook app on iOS now supports ‘Ignore Conversation’ feature just like Android

Microsoft is rolling out a new update for its Outlook app for iPad and iPhone that will make it possible for users to henceforth ignore a conversation if they’d like to. As the company stated, this would enable users to get rid of email conversations so that they can focus on only those mail that deserve more attention.

As Microsoft mentioned in its release note accompanying the update, the feature seems to be particularly aimed at company-wide emails where everyone is able to put in their responses. However, it can soon turn out to be annoying as each new response added in the conversation thread will bring the email back in focus.

It is here that the Ignore Conversation feature will come in handy if you do not need to go through each and every response made by an employee. For a large company having hundreds of employees, you know it’s a big deal as the mail keeps coming back.

Interestingly, the feature has already been available in the Outlook app for other platforms, save for the iOS version. The latest update which brings the version to 4.36 will finally remedy that. However, the update is still in the process of being rolled out, which means it could be sometime before it is available to all iPad and iPhone owners anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, you can go to the App Store and check if the Outlook app has any update pending. Click on the Update button if you want the feature to show on your device right away.