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Google Chromecast successor might adopt Android TV

There are reports of Google attempting something new with its future Chromecast offerings, with claims of it being based on Android TV this time. If that be true than the likes of Roku and Amazon Fire TV sure have something to be worried about as the forthcoming streaming device from Google will also have a traditional user experience as its competitors.

Protocol is also claiming that the new streaming device might also come to be branded as a Google Nest offering. That again will amount to a huge makeover of sorts for the device, complete with a new user interface as well. The immediate benefit with the latter will be that users will get to see what shows and events they have access to instead of the apps that offer the content.

There are also rumors of the device to come with its own remote control. This will save you from having to stream content from your phone or tablet devices. The switch to Android TV also should not be a cause of worry if you are too hooked to Chromecast. That’s because Android TV does come with integrated Chromecast features, which means you will have all the benefits of Chromecast as well.

Interestingly, there also are reports of Google considering a change of name for the Android TV which might go on to be branded as Google TV. It remains to be seen if all of the above materialises and how soon all of that happens. According to some sources, Google had planned to launch the Chromecast successor sometime this summer itself though the unexpected Covid 19 pandemic might have disrupted all such plans. It now remains to be seen when the device eventually gets launched and so on.