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Microsoft offers free repair of Surface Laptop 3 with hairline fracture

Microsoft has responded to complaints from owners of the new Surface Laptop 3 that some users said has a tendency of developing a hairline fracture on the screen, saying that such issues will be taken care of free of charge. Those affected said the screen developed the crack for no apparent reason as they had taken good care of their laptops, something that they are anyway expected to do with something priced more than a thousand bucks.

There also seems to be a method in the madness, for it is the Surface laptop 3 version that came with aluminum cases that seemed to be affected with the issue. According to ZDNet, the Laptop 3 models finished with Alcantara fabric does not seem to be affected so far.

Microsoft though has said the issues has been detected in only a small number of the Surface Laptop 3 devices, and that it is a ‘hard foreign particle’ that is causing the hairline fracture in the glass. The company though didn’t explain of what sort the ‘hard foreign particle’ is, or whether it is something due to an inherent flaw in the design itself.

Also, while it isn’t confirmed, a design flaw can have wider ramifications as more devices might start showing the issue, more so after the devices are subjected to more usage over time. The company also did not explain how the hard foreign particle ended up being in the laptops, particularly if it has the potential of causing the glass to crack, even if it is a hairline fracture.

Fortunately for those who have already bought the laptop, the company is encouraging them to get in touch with the support team to get their devices serviced if they have the issue. The company also said they will reimburse those who might have already got their devices attended to via a paid service.