Home Technology New Apple iPhone iOS 11+ jailbreak tool can unlock latest iPhones also

New Apple iPhone iOS 11+ jailbreak tool can unlock latest iPhones also

Apple iPhone’s reputation of being among the safest around has been severely dented, what with a new jailbreak currently available that its creators claim is capable of unlocking even the new gen iPhone devices as well.

A handiwork of the dreaded Uncover group who are known to be among the most notorious hacking syndicate out there, the jailbreak has been found to be effective in defeating Apple’s security mechanisms that so far prevented users from installing apps of their choice. That apart, the new jailbreak offers a vast array of customization options hitherto impossible with Apple imposed restrictions in place.

What should be even more worrying for Apple is that the jailbreak has been found to be effective against even the latest iOS 13.5 as well. Specifically, Uncover stated their tool will be able to unlock any iPhone running iOS 11 or above. Since the vast majority of iPhone users – 94 percent to be precise – are running at least iOS 12, that should be an indication of the vast segment of users the jailbreaking tool already has under its ambit.

What is also known is that the jailbreaking tool exploits a zero day vulnerability in the Apple IOS platform. Of course, the hacking team aren’t revealing the exact nature of the vulnerability though Apple is expected to fix that soon enough. Till that happens, the hackers have a field day and anyone eager to unlock their iPhone are open to do so on their free will.

Jailbreaking a device also has its own advantages, if it can be so said, given that it allows users to do whatever they wish to with their device. That includes installing apps they wish to without worrying about having to remitting a fee to the Apple App Store. They also can customize their phones according to their own wishes and not in the manner the manufacturer would like their users to do.

That said, jailbreaking is still considered to be fraught with huge risks as you never know the apps you install outside of Apple’s knowledge could be detrimental to your own security. And with most banking operations or other monetary transactions done using our smartphones these days, unlocking the iPhone can put too much at stake to attempt doing that with a sane mind. Unless of course you are a security expert yourself and know what you are up to.