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New iPhone 13 mock-up reveals a USB-C port and under-display Face ID

A 3D printed mock-up purportedly that of the iPhone 13 has surfaced online, taking the tech world by surprise. That is because most right now are engrossed with the iPhone 12 at the moment.

Nonetheless, the ‘iPhone 13’ is shown to have a notch-less design, with the display truly extending right up to the edges. That would mean the notch, a design trend that immediately became a rage, is going to be non-existent with the 2021 iPhone version.

With the notch gone, the mock-up depicts the TrueDepth, and FaceTime camera is centrally located at the top and underneath the front display. According to Mac Otakara, Apple might use Samsung’s under-display-technology for the Face ID tech to function in the absence of the notch.

The Japanese site that has mostly been spot on with their Apple predictions so far also claimed Apple might integrate the selfie cam at the bottom of the front display this time. Some sources however, claimed the selfie cam would be sitting at its usual location, that is the top-centre of the display.

Another notable aspect with the mock-up that claim to be that of the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 13 also revealed a USB-C port in place of the usual Lightning port. Now, this is something that users have been demanding for quite some time though it remains to be seen if Apple obliges its fanboys this time.

Meanwhile, serial leaker Jon Prosser who has been very vocal with his iPhone 12 rumors claim all of the above is nothing but a big joke. This also contradicts an earlier rumor that claimed the 2021 iPhone model will sports a complete port-less design.

Among the other things that the mock up reveals include the same square camera bump at the rear. However, there are four slots evident this time, which will include four sensors as well as a LiDAR sensor for more accurate depth mapping.

In the end, it would perhaps be safe to ingest all the above with the big pinch of salt. That should make the rumor more palatable though more details on these will be welcome.