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Apple iPhone 12 launch might be delayed, likely to launch only around end-November

Apple might be forced to delay the launch of the iPhone this year, with a new report from Cowen claiming the iPhone 12 series getting to see the light of day only around late November. Usually, the Cupertino giant sticks to a fall launch schedule for the iPhone, which typically is around mid-September. No points for guessing the delay has to do with the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as well considering the manner the coronavirus outbreak has been wreaking havoc with schedules worldwide. Scores of companies have been forced to either postpone or opt for online launch of their smartphones. Apple too went for a soft launch of its iPhone SE, which may have been okay for the company given that the phone was meant for budget buyers.

However, given that the iPhone 12 is among Apple’s most high profile devices, the company will perhaps opt for a delayed launch rather than launch it in an online event. As it is, the iPhone 12 is already making headlines with a new leak or revelation coming in almost every other day. It has easily shaped up to be one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year though that usually is the case each year.

Also, with a launch happening around end November, the iPhone 12 could end up being the last major flagship to launch in 2020. That usually is the case with the Pixel phones that are launched late in the year though it is believed Google is aiming for an October launch for its Pixel 5 series. Whether that remains on track is also another thing that remains to be seen as well.

Meanwhile, the Cowen report also stated Apple is expected to ship 30 million iPhone devices in C2Q. That will include the iPhone SE as well, which again is expected to make up around 77 percent of the entire product mix. For C3Q, there likely will be 46 million iPhone shipped, which would be a gain of 31 percent over the previous quarter but will still be 2 percent less compared to a year ago figure for the same period.