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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 design, several exclusive gaming titles announced

Sony finally has let us have an idea of what the PlayStation 5 is going to look like. The company unveiled the next generation console at an online-only event which garnered more than 2 million viewership globally.

The Japanese company showcased two models of the PS5, the base version which will be having a 4K Blu-Ray disk drive. The other more advanced version will be devoid of the Blu-Ray drive and is christened as the ‘Digital Edition’ model.

The PS5 design language, too, is alluring, to say the least, and seems to have a contoured central portion that is sandwiched on both sides with a plastic flap sort of thing. Sony said the console can be placed vertically or horizontally though the vertical placement option seems more befitting.

Sony though, stopped short of announcing the price of the new PS5 console or when it is expected to be formally launched. Today’s event only served to reveal the design of the console. Sony’s head of system architect, Mark Cerny had earlier confirmed the PS5 will be featuring an octa core AMD processor built using the 7nm fabrication process.

Further, the console will also come equipped with a customized AMD GPU that is based on RDNA 2. There will also be 16 GB of GDDR6 memory along with solid state drive for unmatched levels of performance. The console will support 8k and 4k graphics along with 120 Hz refresh rate and 3D audio.

Meanwhile, Sony also chose to use the event to launch some of the big-name gaming titles that are going to be exclusive to the PS 5. Among the games that were launched include Spider-Man – Miles Morales, Resident Evil 8, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West, to name a few.

Microsoft too is set to announce its all new Xbox Series X console featuring an equally impressive hardware specification. However, no firm launch dates or pricing info of the latest Xbox model are available yet.