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Apple iPhone 12 may have magnet based wireless charging feature for optimum charging

With wireless charging becoming a standard feature on iPhone devices off late, the upcoming iPhone 12 might be different in that it likely will come with a magnetic positioning system to enhance the wireless charging efficiency of the phone.

From what is reported by Harris Zahid of MyFixGuide, the iPhone 12 will come integrated with strong magnets on the rear. The charging mat, too, will have magnets so that when the iPhone 12 is placed on it, the phone will automatically be drawn to the position that would provide optimum charge. This will ensure the phone is getting maximum charging efficiency and will reduce charging times as well.

The above speculation has its roots in some leaked shots revealing what can be presumed to be the iPhone 12 back cover with a circular magnet fitted on the inside. A few other molds and coils can be seen too, which likely are those from the wireless charger.

Interestingly, the above has brought Apple’s controversial Air Power project back in focus. Believed to be relegated to the back burner for the foreseeable future at least, the Air Power was supposed to be a one-stop wireless charging solution for all Apple devices. Those include the Air Pods, Apple Watch, along with of course, the iPhone as well.

With Apple designing a dedicated magnetic position feature for the iPhone 12 to ensure the best charging position, there surely is going to be a matching wireless charging solution as well with matching magnets. Maybe there is going to be more on this to clear the air a bit.