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Apple iPhone 12 specs suggest a smaller battery than iPhone 11 series

In continuance with the almost incessant leaks and rendering we have had of the iPhone 12 so far, here is one that claims to have the exact battery size of the upcoming iPhone models. However, before you begin to feel excited about it, here is a warning, the battery sizes are even smaller than those of the preceding iPhone models.

To get to the point directly, here are the individual iPhone 12 models and the battery size each will come with, as is being claimed by @komiya_kj.

  • 4-inch iPhone 12 – 2,227 mAh
  • 1-inch iPhone 12 Max – 2,815 mAh
  • 1-inch iPhone 12 Pro – 2,775 mAh
  • 1-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max – 3,618

For comparison’s sake, here is what the battery on the iPhone 11 is like:

  • 1-inch iPhone 11 – 3,110 mAh
  • 8-inch iPhone 11 Pro – 3,046 mAh
  • 5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max – 3,969 mAh

Now, the iPhone has never been known to come with huge sized batteries. Rather, Apple has always worked more to optimize the iOS platform to ensure battery consumption remained at its frugal best. Apple also has the edge here compared to Android, given that it has complete control over the entire iOS platform as well as the iPhone hardware. This, in turn, provides the Cupertino giant with a lot of room to fine-tune each for optimum battery usage at all times.

However, if the above revelation is indeed true, Apple sure has to ensure it has hit the perfect sweet spot to ensure the iPhone 12 range last more than a day of active usage while also allowing for class-leading performance. For the latter, Apple is going to rely on A14 Bionic chips which already is touted to bring about a quantum jump is performance while still being frugal on battery power.

Meanwhile, it must be mentioned; the touted battery size is not only smaller than even several iPhone 11 models; it is several notches below the competition as well. That includes the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, each expected to come with a 4000 mAh and 4,500 mAh battery, respectively.

Also, with Apple consciously deciding on fitting lower capacity battery on the iPhone 12 does speak volume about the confidence it has on its new A14 Bionic chip and the battery optimizations it has introduced to the latest iOS iteration. It now remains to be seen how things pan out in real world conditions with the new iPhone 12 range.