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Apple iPhone 12 likely to cost more than the iPhone 11 even without the charger and EarPods in the box

The upcoming iPhone 12 is rumored to cost more than its predecessor, claimed analyst Jeff Pu in a report submitted to MacRumors. According to Pu, the base iPhone 12 will likely be priced $749. In comparison, the iPhone 11 started at $699 when launched in the US in 2019. That would make for a $50 jump in price for the 5.4-inch iPhone 12.

The above revelation comes on the back of another rumor we have had recently which claimed Apple is giving up on the charging adapter and the EarPods to be part of the iPhone 12 retail box. The reason given out is that this will help Apple to cut costs as well as to reduce the carbon footprint.

However, with the iPhone 12 expected to cost at least $50 more in spite of it, not including the above mentioned accessories points to a serious escalation in costs to manufacture the iPhone 12. With both the accessories included, the price would have easily gone past the $800 mark for the entry-level iPhone 12, something quite undesirable at a time of economic uncertainty and reduced purchasing power for users.

While the latest leak from Pu does confirm a previous rumor that the iPhone 12 would be shipping sans the charger and Ear Pods, the hike in its price should still come as a surprise. The analyst, however, opined that the OLED screen and 5G support that all iPhone 12 models are expected to come with this year is the prime reason for it to cost more this time.

Pu, however, stated the technological jump that the iPhone 12 would make for should be enough to convince buyers to opt for the phone, even if that means shelling out extra. The biggest USPs of the iPhone 12 is going to be its 5G capability, OLED displays along with of course the integration of the powerful A14 bionic chips.

Notably, Ming Chi Kuo, in a separate report published in Dec. 2019 had also claimed that the iPhone 12 will be priced higher than its predecessor.