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FBI Director Christopher Wray Says ‘Blew Me Away’ On The Way, China Is Spying On USA

The FBI Director claimed that he was shocked with the way China is Spying on the USA, as reported by NBC News. According to him, the FBI is soon looking for two counterintelligence investigations based on the matter. Wray has become one of the most controversial people and a top critic of the Chinese Government.

China’s Effort To Steal US Technology Is Shocking

In a claim, he also said that China is trying hard to steal the leading technology from the USA. To quote, he said, “I am not the guy that uses the word blown away this easily,” but he uses these words to describe the Chinese attempt to spy and steal from the USA, as reported by Sky News.

He further added that no other country except China poses a threat to the idea, innovation, and the power of the country as they do. Even China is a considerable threat to the Economic Security of the USA.

The Chinese Government Denies The Allegation

The Chinese Government has been seen denying any such allegation to them and their people. They claim that they are a nation of development and innovation, and they don’t need to steal from others.

Recently, the FBI also claimed that the Chinese Government and spies were stealing the Corona Vaccines from their country for business purposes. Even the computer chips, nuclear technology, and tech-related to smartphones were also stolen by China, as claimed by the USA.

Xu Yanjun, A Chinese Intelligence Officer Was Caught Stealing

Last November, Xu Yanjun, a high-Grade military Officer, was caught red-handed stealing from a guarded technology that GE Aviation developed. GE Aviation charged the officer with stealing technology that was basically developed for making jet engine fan blades. The investigation based on this event also disclosed that he was connecting the US intelligence to the China Hackers.

GE Aviation alerted the FBI of this event, and the engineer was given manipulated documents. Further, a long 15 years sentence was given to the culprit. The FBI director used his incident to portray all about how China is stealing from them.


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