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NASA International Space Station To Retire In 2031 Into The Pacific Ocean

2031 is going to be one of the remarkable years in the field of Space. According to CBS News, NASA plans on retiring its International Space Station in the Pacific Ocean. This crash is scheduled to happen in the remote Pacific Ocean known as the Nemo Point.

About The NASA International Space Station

This NASA International Space Station was launched in 1998. For the last 23 years, it has offered service to more than 200 astronauts from around 19 countries. Additionally, the space station has orbited 227 nautical miles above the earth.

The ISS also has been home to various scientific advancements and firsts. In 2014, the first 3D-printed item was sent to the ISS. Astronauts have discovered how to cultivate lettuce and other leafy greens. In 2015, astronauts tried the first salad grown in Space. On the station, they’re even growing radishes and chilis now. This could one day be utilized to assist astronauts in growing their food on long-duration space voyages.

In 2016, NASA astronaut Kate Rubins became the first to sequence DNA in Space. In 2018, NASA’s Cold Atom Lab on the International Space Station created the fifth state of matter, known as a Bose-Einstein condensate, in Space.

Point Nemo Is The Space Graveyard

Adding to this CNN reported, NASA plans to replace the ISS with a commercially operated space platform that will act as a venue for collaboration and scientific research. The ISS is planned to fall in the Point Nemo, the South Pacific Oceanic Uninhabited Area.

It is around 3,000 miles off of New Zealand’s eastern coast and 2,000 miles north of Antarctica.

Since 1971, this place has sunk more than 263 pieces of space debris.

NASA On ISS Retirement

NASA wrote that the station is “busier than ever” with crews on board, highlighting the Biden administration’s commitment to keeping the station open for the next decade. NASA also stated that commercial companies that take space missions in 2031 would be encouraged and rewarded for reaching out to students.

Russia has announced that it will exit the International Space Station project in 2025 and build its space station, which might launch in 2030. This is a green signal to the plans of NASA for ISS.


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