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The US Formally Accuses Numerous Call Centers From India for Social Security And IRS Scams

The US Department Of Justice has announced various accusations on call centers in India to cause multiple frauds and scams related to the IRS and Social Security, according to the Bleepingcomputer.

Many US Citizens received special Robocalls Regarding The Scams.

The Data reveals that there were many Robocalls generated which caused such scams. These scams were made via an indicted VoIP service provider, which diverted the calls and made it appear as if it was made from the US. Hence the chances of such calls being received by the US citizens increased, which caused various scams.

The Fraudulent Targeted People With Special Themes

All the calls made in the entire process were made in a particular theme. The calls made caused emotional distress to the people, and hence they got scammed easily. They revealed personal data such as a vast back amount on taxes that eventually made them emotionally weak and worried. On the other hand, there were scam calls recorded in which the person making the call spoke as a Social Security Expert or Administrator and made the recipient worried by causing him distress regarding manipulation of social security funds by the individual. Such topics basically hampered the emotional stability of the individual.

Even in many cases, the victim was scared by the scamsters in the name of the government, and on the other hand, they asked for a separate fee that was needed to be paid back to the government in order to escape punishment. There were some cases where people were offered different types of loans at very low-interest rates. They were also offered special conditions, which seem to make the deal very favorable for the victims. For getting approval on such loans, they were needed to pay a fee which was the main part of the scam.

They Took Money By Debiting Fake Money To The Victims Account

As per DoJ Documents, there were many scam calls in which the victims were promised a particular deposit. For getting the deposit, they were asked to withdraw excellent money via a wire gift card and then deposit it to the given account. Once they deposit the money, the scheduled deposit bounces automatically.


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