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The Geode Capital Management LLC Has $77.74 Million In Association With Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

As per the ETF Daily News Team, Geode Capital Management LLC has raised the stakes regarding the Coca-Cola Europacific Partners PLC share by 42.4%. Such shares were raised in the third quarter. According to the SEC, the company gave information about the stakes in its latest filing.

Geode Capital Management LLC Has A Huge Holding In The Coca-Cola Company

As per the records, more than 1,412,676 shares are owned by the funds. They invested in an extra 420,764 shares, which took its shareholding number to the mentioned data. The overall worth of the company out there, according to SEC filing, is $77,742,000.

Other Big Companies Also Bought Numerous Shares In The Third Quarter

Many big institutions and companies raised funds and invested in the third quarter. The Vident Investment Advisory LLC invested a considerable amount of $251,000 in the shares of the Coca-Cola Company. Bellwether Advisors LLC was also seen investing in the same shares by a significant percentage of 39,887.0%. Pearl River Capital LLC was also seen investing in 10,796 shares which cost them $597,000. They bought additional sales of 5,362 shares in this quadrant.

The CCEP Stock Also Opened At $57.12 On Friday.

The company’s Debt-to-Equity Ratio was 1.74, and the current ratio and the quick ratio were reported as 0.91 and 0.72, respectively. According to various sources, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners PLC had a 12 month low of $48.88. On the contrary, the monthly high was reported to be at $63.04.

The quarterly dividend of the company was also released this month and was paid on Monday. The Shareholders issued a dividend of $1.62 on Friday. Such a change was appreciated by the shareholders, and on the other hand, a considerable improvement was seen. The early dividend was seen at $0.69, which was much lower than the current dividend. The company’s yield this year was 11.34%. All these figures have given hope to the company owners and investors over the unit’s future. CCEP was also seen involved in several reports these days.


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