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Washington Reveals $5 Billion Plan To Finance EV Charging Network

The Biden administration has announced a plan to allocate nearly $5 billion over five years to constructing hundreds of electric vehicle charging stations. In addition, as part of the administration’s goal to encourage widespread acceptance of zero-emission vehicles, new or updated charging stations would be placed every 50 miles (80 km) beside interstate roads.

States must submit plans to the federal government and may begin construction this year if they emphasize first freeway routes, rather than neighborhoods and shopping centers, which will allow people to drive their electric vehicles long distances, according to Department of Transportation requirements.

Each station should feature at least four fast-charging ports, allowing drivers to refuel their vehicles within about an hour fully.

Numerous technical specifics are to be hammered out, and the department knows it should require work to convince drivers habituated to gas-powered autos, specifically in rural locations. The funds are far less than the $15 billion that Biden had planned to achieve a campaign pledge of 500,000 charging points by 2030, and the idea may require significant non-public money to succeed.

The transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, announced the news in front of White House officials and the transportation department, surrounded by a set of black Ford Mustang Mach-E SUVs from the federal government’s growing electric fleet, which he and the energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, ride. The car’s retail price starts at around $44,000 and rises to $60,000-plus with options, and it’s currently manufactured in Mexico.

Electric vehicles accounted for less than 3% of new car sales in the United States last year, but analysts predict that this will rise dramatically over the next decade. Consumers purchased approximately 400,000 completely electric vehicles.

Biden Wishes To Rule Over The Globe

Biden wants to do more to promote electric vehicles, including a measure in his shelved social and environmental bill for a $7,500 tax credit for people who buy electric vehicles. “It will help assure that America dominates the globe on electric vehicles,” Biden said this week of American businesses expanding EV infrastructure.

He remarked, “China has indeed been having a great season until now, but that is set to change.”

“Because America is constructing nationwide public charging networks that are convenient, reliable, and equitable.” So, regardless of where you reside, recharging an electric motor will be simple and quick.” The initial $5 billion funding, according to Granholm, will form “the spine” of the national network.

According to Jessika Trancik, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor who studies electric vehicle charging, the administration’s policy is a great first step. She noted that a successful strategy for increasing EV use would necessitate charging points in various locations, including faster charging along roads and slower charging near homes and offices. Reports noovell.com


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