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Here’s What Tax Payers Should Know This Season

According to the IRS, there were 6 million unresolved individual applications as of Dec. 31, and people with notifications or stopped refunds are having difficulty contacting the agency by phone. As per the National Taxpayer Advocate, less than 15,000 employees were available to handle the 240 million inbound calls throughout the first quarter of 2021, one employee for every 16,000 calls, reports CNBC.

According to specialists, here’s what any taxpayer should know during tax season. As the IRS prepares for a tough season with limited manpower and a queue of billions and billions of returns dating back to 2021, there’s a long number of vital information for taxpayers to be aware of.

1. Ignore The Paper

The IRS continues to emphasize the necessity of e – filing during tax season, despite the bottleneck of millions of returns. If there are no concerns, you may get your refunds within 21 days if you file a digital return with a bank transfer for payment. According to him, another important benefit of electronically submitted tax returns is a digital certification of acknowledgment from the IRS.

2. Use IRS Transcripts To Double-Check Tax Forms

Even though the IRS is shifting away from face recognition, Harris warns that you may have to go through a few “inconvenient” procedures to get into your account online.

However, after going in, you’ll have accessibility to tax information, like IRS recordings, which you may use to double-check details and eliminate errors that could cause your return to be flagged, he added. If you’re looking for several 1099-NEC forms to prove your wages, the overall wage transcript compiles all of them in one location.

3. Bringing The Stimulus Payments Child Tax Credit In Line

Although error-free tax records are essential this session, the IRS already has issued a warning about two potential issues: advanced child tax credits & stimulus payouts. From January 1 to July 15, 2021, the IRS issued 7.4 million “mathematical error” warnings for stimulus payment problems, delaying returns, and many taxpayers are still waiting for a resolution.

4. Responding To The ‘Virtual Currency’ Query

Millions of Americans possess cryptocurrencies, and on Page 1 of most tax returns, they’ll be asked a key question concerning “virtual currency.” If you sold, swapped, mined, or utilized digital assets for purchases in 2021, you must answer yes. If you merely purchased and held bitcoin, though, Lucas recommends checking no.

5. Adjusted Gross Income From The Previous Year

You must confirm your report with your adjusted gross income for 2020 if you’re filing online. Unless you’re one of the thousands whose tax return from the previous year is still pending, the IRS has some advice for you.


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