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Super Bowl 2022 Commercials Promote Cryptocurrency

According to data, the advertisement related to the 32nd Super Bowl will cost approximately $6.5 million in 2022. Hence different companies are trying to be part of it in order to give their business a big boost. Hence there is no doubt that big units and companies who are looking for marketing target these advertisements.

The super Bowl is looking for a comeback.

During the pandemic, the number of viewers of super bowls decreases rapidly. Due to this reason, they are looking to bounce back in the market in style. Hence they are looking at cryptocurrency as a medium to bring back their charm. Many experts are claiming it to be the crypto bowl instead of the Super Bowl. The cryptocurrency industry is aiming for the Super Bowl to get more audience.

Super Bowl with the hint of nostalgia

There are many advertisements that are being influenced by shows and characters from the history of the Super Bowl to attract audiences with nostalgia. For example, Jim Carrey, in his role with The Cable Guy, is seen back in an advertisement. Another big character which is back is a 1990s film which included Austin Powers, as Mike Myers dons the Dr Evil. People appreciate such a concept. But the cryptocurrency market is seeing it as a big opportunity to attract more people.

It is practically the first time ever that the cryptocurrency market and companies are on the biggest ever advertising stage. Binance has still not bought a spot in the ads; hence more excitement is expected soon. Even the companies that are not directly involved with cryptocurrency are seeing it as an opportunity to become a part of this chain. Leaving the ads aside, Crypto has been a sector of discussion on the Super Bowl. Recently the Canadian rapper Drake was seen betting on a $1.3 million bet in Bitcoin on the Los Angeles Rams.

As expected, not only are different big companies seen as interested in the ads but are also seen investing hugely in the campaign.


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