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4th Stimulus Check 2022 Updates For California Is Out

There have been talks about the 2022 release of a new stimulus check. It is the 4th stimulus check consecutive to previous ones. Though Californians have mixed feelings about the 1,100 dollars stimulus, many have already claimed for it. So, what is the updates on eligibility and dates are provided? Let’s check it here!

Date/criteria for making the claim

For Californians, the end date for claiming the 4th stimulus check of the state was 15th February. The residents have been looking forward to receiving the amount of 1,100 dollars soon.

The eligibility criteria for making a claim are that California people must have spent at least 6 months or more of the 2020 tax year in the state. Aside from this, their total income must be less than 75,000 dollars in the year 2020. These two are the prime criteria that qualify Californians for the money.

Other important aspects to consider

Californians who wanted to claim the amount of 600 dollars in addition to 500 dollars for dependents; had to file their taxes by the 15th of February.

Aside from this, numerous cities and states across the nation are willing to offer UBI payments to Americans. The Universal Basic Income refers to the recurring payments set that the government distributes to individuals. These payments can be made on a monthly basis, a few times during the entire year, or only one time yearly.

SS claimants on 4th stimulus check

Senior Citizens League seems not to be in harmony with the new stimulus checks. They are demanding to increase the stimulus check’s sum as the current amount won’t fulfill their needs. In fact, as per reporting by The Sun, SS claimants have already sent the letter to Congress in 2021 to state their concerns. The main matter of issue revolves around their cost-of-living, fixed incomes, and other expenses.

However, as America is experiencing inflation at the current time, fulfillment of such demands might not be possible. Thus, many citizens rushed to make the provided stimulus claim on time. In this scenario, UBI payments can be a valuable initiative for Americans.


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