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Massachusetts Continues To Give Stimulus Checks

The US government recently stopped giving away the federal stimulus checks. But there are some states that are still providing their people with extra stimulus checks in order to help the people.

Massachusetts to send $500 stimulus checks

The state has decided that it will give $500 as stimulus checks in order to help its people. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people were affected financially. Especially the low-income workers are finding it very hard to bounce back. This stimulus check will help in regaining their financial status. The states will decide the eligibility and will provide the checks to the eligible people.

Massachusetts Coronavirus Stimulus Checks to help the workers

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker approved a big budget of $4 billion in order to help people in the time of the pandemic. It was reported that a huge part of this Covid relief fund would be used in the stimulus checks. The Executive Office of Administration and Finance of the state has declared that the checks will be out by March. They said the program would support those workers who have helped and served the community in the time of the pandemic.

More than 500,000 people will benefit from the scheme. These workers will be getting profit from Massachusetts’ COVID-19 Essential Employee Premium Pay program. These will include the people who fell below the poverty line in 2020. All the funds in the relief program will be under the American Rescue Plan Act. The Massachusetts Office of Administration has designed a special website in order to help the people register easily. If you fall under the category, you can easily apply on the website and get the benefit of the $500 stimulus check.

Eligible for the checks

The eligibility for the checks will only be limited to the income status. If the salary received by the resident in 2020 was at least $12,750 and, on the other hand, the salary made the resident go 300% below the poverty line, he will be eligible for the check. The single filer’s income must not be more than $38,280.


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