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Stimulus Check Updates: Increased Overdose Deaths Linked To Stimulus Checks

Though some may still be hoping for yet another stimulus check in the face of rising inflation, which has many Americans worried about how they will be able to afford basic necessities, they may have to give up hope, as a startling new statistic about previous stimulus checks has emerged, which may make the nation reluctant to concern more, no matter how poorly the average American believes it is needed.

According to research conducted by the Ohio Attorney General’s Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Science, a rise in opioid-related deaths can be linked to the distribution of economic stimulus funds, with the number of persons suffering from opioid overdoses in Ohio reaching a decade-high.

According to WJW, a FOX affiliate station, there have been 100,000 connected fatalities throughout April 2020 and April 2021, up 28% from the 78,085 fatalities throughout April 2019 and April 2020.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost stated, “The connection between epidemic relief money and opiate drug overdoses is now obvious.” “The intention was to assist Americans in navigating this lethal epidemic, but it also fostered a rising tide of overdoses,” says the report.

Stimulus Check And Deaths Link: Riley Adams’ Statements

This was not the first time stimulus assessments have been linked to adverse repercussions. In December, experts warned that rising inflation could be linked to the cheques, with Riley Adams, a licensed CPA and economic analyst for Google, claiming that the audits are the causative factor of the wage growth spike.

“Introducing more federal assistance into the market could further fuel the fires of inflation,” he warned at the time. “With more money in the pocket, consumer spending may increase up, exacerbating an already pressured distribution network.”

Furthermore, there has been a lot of worry about credit fraud, from bogus claims floating on the web that checks are arriving in people trying to figure out ways to receive extra from others. A crudely translated video of President Joe Biden delivering a talk and signing an order spreading on Facebook over the last week claims to show him delivering a talk and saying, “Some individuals will begin to see those automatic payments in their financial accounts this week.”


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