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Bonanza Intel BMZ1: Intel’s First Crypto Mining Computer Arrives

Intel has released information on its first specialized crypto-mining processor. At ISSCC 2022, the corporation has provided more information on the subject. The BMZ1 or Bonanza Mine Accelerator chip is Intel’s initial cryptocurrency mining chip, and the company is currently accepting reservations for it.

Because the custom computer RIG with 300 BMZ1 CPU has a TDP of 3,600 watts, the Intel BMZ1 Bonanza Mine also isn’t intended for retail users. The chip is made for certain purposes, in this case, crypto mining. The acronym BMZ refers to the Bonanza Mine ASIC, which is designed specifically for crypto mining using the SHA-256 hash method, reports Gizbot.com.

The Intel BMZ1 system is supposed to be 1000 % more energy than mining cryptocurrencies on a standard GPU. In fact, a solitary Intel BMZ1 rig with over 300 BMZ1 processors is said to be capable of mining at a rate of 40 Tera Hashes per second (TH/s).


The Intel BMZ1 is a 7 x 7.5mm vulnerable FCLGA package fabricated utilizing the 7 nanometers (nm) process. A single-chip dimensions 4.14 x 3.42mm, and the lower chip size is expected to boost chip yield percentages, with a single wafer capable of holding up to 400 chips.

Although this appears to be a power-efficient extraction RIG, Hydro Bitcoin Miner offers significantly more powerful mining RIGs. The Hydro Bitcoin Miner Antminer S19 Pro+ claims to provide 198 TH/s (Tera hash per second) while requiring 5445W of electricity.

The ACL Championship comes to a close in Goa, with a prize pool of $20,000 for the winner. Although the Intel BMZ1 is still relatively new to the market, the business is reported to be developing on the Intel BMZ2, which is supposed to be more power-efficient and should provide greater performance-per-watt than the Intel BMZ1. The Bonanza Mine ASIC 2 could be done by the end of next year the beginning of next year.

Pricing And Availability

Availability and Pricing There is currently no pricing information available for the Intel BMZ1 blockchain extraction accelerator. However, professional crypto mining organizations such as Argo Blockchain have already placed orders with Intel. Intel’s younger breed of blockchain mine chips promises to make the operation more energy-efficient.


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