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LUNA Flips Ethereum To Become The Second Largest Cryptocurrency

According to recent data, 226,325 stakers account for more than $29.5 billion regarding the LUNA. It has recently surpassed Ethereum to grab second place when speaking of the stake value.

Terra (LUNA) has flipped Ethereum (ETH)

Terra (LUNA) has flipped Ethereum (ETH) according to the data. This flip was seen in terms of the stake value. LUNA locked for more than $29.5 billion, and on the other hand, Ethereum’s value was estimated at $25.9 billion. Currently, there are more than 226,325 LUNA stakers which has boosted the value. On the other hand, Solana is leading the chart with more than $35 billion.

As the annual stake reward, LUNA is estimated to have 6.62% on average yield, while on the other hand, Ethereum grabbed a considerable rate of 4.81%. The most rewarding Network seen was Polkadot (DOT), with 13.92%.

The DeFi Llama’s data shows Ethereum taking over in terms of a total value locked

Currently, according to DeFi Llama’s data Ethereum is ruling the market regarding the total value locked. The TVL of $111.4 billion is estimated with Ethereum. On the other hand, LUNA’s TVL is $23.35 billion, which is far behind Ethereum. As per the data of Beaconcha. in, currently, there are 9.7 million staked values regarding ETH. At the current price rate, the value of the stakes was seen to be 5 billion.

According to the trend, the stakes will rise more, and the interest rate will also surge. In the last seven days, LUNA’s TVL has increased by 26.905% and is above the Binance Smart Chains. The Binance Smart Chain is currently at the third position, while on the other hand, LUNA stands at the second. LUNA prices have increased by 78.4% over the past 30 days.


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